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December 8, 2016  | By CATCH Global Foundation

The BUILD Health Challenge encourages communities to build meaningful partnerships among hospitals and health systems, community-based organizations, their local health department and other organizations to improve the overall health of local residents. In this new round of funding and support, the BUILD Health Challenge will award 18 grants to communities across the country. To be eligible, the lead applicant must assemble a partnership including (at minimum) a hospital or health system, local health department, and local non-profit community organization or coalition of organizations. The participating hospital must demonstrate a 1:1 match and activity must be focused on a delineated zip code(s), census tract(s), or neighborhood(s) experiencing significant health disparities within a city of 150,000 residents or more. Applicants from CO, NJ, NC, and parts of IA and TX are exempt from the population requirement. Applicants are invited to attend one of three webinars on Dec. 12, 15 or Jan. 31 for more information.

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