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April 25, 2016  | By CATCH Global Foundation

The Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge is a collaboration between the Aetna Foundation, the American Public Health Association and the National Association of Counties to encourage small to mid-sized U.S. cities and counties to create a positive health impact. The Challenge will identify the best practices for achieving city and county health, wellness and health equity. Additionally, the Challenge promotes collaboration and community-wide involvement and will identify nationally replicable models of health. Soon after the finalists are notified (August 1, 2016), each selected city and county will receive a $10,000 community seed grant to assist with project implementation. The grand prize for Tier 1 cities (65,000-250,000 population) is $250,000 and for Tier 2 cities (250,001-600,000 population) is $500,000. Four runner up prizes will also be reward in each tier ($25,000 tier 1, $50,000 tier 2). Proposals are due May 31.

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