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January 26, 2016  | By CATCH Global Foundation

The Legislature appropriated $5 million dollars in the 2015–17 capital budget for OSPI to administer a new grant program, Healthy Kids–Healthy Schools. The grant supports the Healthiest Next Generation Initiative by funding improvements or renovations to existing buildings, site improvements, and the purchase and installation of new or renovated equipment. The grant categories are: Nutrition (kitchen, cafeteria, gardens, greenhouses), PE and Physical Activity (indoor/outdoor equipment, play structures), and Access to and Appeal of Water (water bottle filling stations). Applications are submitted by the district and may include requests for multiple schools in multiple categories. The minimum district request is $2,500. Grant awards are limited to $200,000 per district. A maximum of $1 million will be granted for water bottle filling stations; only one station per school will be funded. Deadline to apply is February 19.

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