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CATCH My  Breath

A Program and Curriculum for Grades 6 through 8 to keep our youth breathing free from nicotine.

No E-Cigarettes Allowed

UTHealth, School of Public Health, Austin Campus
UT MD Anderson Cancer Treatment and Prevention Center
Michael & Susan Dell Center for Health Living
CATCH Global Foundation

Written and directed by Steven Kelder, MPH, PhD with support from:

Megan Grayless, Joey Walker, Cassie Davis, Elizabeth McDonald, Alexandra Haas, Susan Luton, Kathleen Case, Dale Manty, Allison Lazard, Duncan Van Dusen, Emily Burgess, Katie Stone, Brooks Ballard, and Laura Aavang



Keep Kids Clean From E-cigarettes

  • The general public is ill-informed about E-cigarettes, and the tobacco/vaping industry doesn’t want anyone to become better informed. What's worse, the industry spreads misinformation. Kids are highly curious about E-cigarettes. And they are after the flavor.
  • E-cigarette vapor contains nicotine and toxic carcinogenic chemicals like formaldehyde. 
  • Nicotine is more harmful to young, developing brains than mature adult brains. Young brains are also far more vulnerable to nicotine addiction than adult brains.
  • Because they are new, nobody is 100% certain how harmful E-cigarettes are. Parents need accurate information to best guide their children.

    Why experiment with our children’s health? It’s time for teachers, nurses and counselors to save the day!


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