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CATCH Coordination Kit Frequently Asked Questions (9wk)


What is the CATCH Coordination Kit?
The Kit is a set of roadmaps and resources for your entire campus which provides simple and doable tasks to aid in the implementation and coordination of CATCH.

What are the pieces of the CATCH Coordination Kit?
The Kit consists of a binder (with Team materials and master copies) and 6 Component Folders.

What’s in the binder?
The binder contains:

  • 1 CATCH Team Coordination Guide (the stapled booklet)
  • Best Practice Documents & Supplementary Resources for the CATCH Team
  • 1 master copy of the 6 Component Folders with resources (separated by colored tabs)

What is the CATCH Team Guide and what is it for?
The CATCH Team Guide is a workbook for the CATCH Team to follow in order to coordinate and facilitate CATCH implementation campus-wide. It provides a checklist of simple tasks to be completed each 9 weeks of the school year. In addition, there is a “Big Picture” page that provides at-a-glance information to quickly see and explain what each component could be implementing during the 9-week theme.

What’s in the Component Folders?
Each Component Folder contains:

  • A component-specific guide and tasks
  • Component-specific resources

What are the 6 Component Folders and what are they for?
The Component Folders are designed to be individual roadmaps for each component area on your campus. The guides found inside the folders provide specific
tasks/initiatives for implementing CATCH.

The tasks/initiatives within each of the 6 Component Folders should be implemented simultaneously to achieve coordination.

Note: The 6 Component Folders and resources found in the binder are identical to the component-specific Component Folders and resources found in the 6 folders. We consider the guides and resources found in the binder to be the Master Copies.

What are the Components?
The components respresent the following staff on your campus:
• Principal & Administration
• Classroom Teachers
• Child Nutrition Services
• Physical Education
• Parent Leaders
• Specialized & Support Staff

A folder has been created for each component listed above, so everyone on campus can participate in your coordinated school health efforts.

Do all folders contain the same resources?
Yes & No. There are some resources that are included in each of the 6 folders, for example, the Eat Smart and Be Active posters. And, there are some resources that are unique to the specific tasks/needs of that particular component area, for example, the Why CATCH PE information flyer, that the PE Teacher will use to inform their faculty/staff about the CATCH PE program.

How are the Component Folders organized?
Each Component Folder suggests implementation tasks and directs you to the resources provided to support those tasks. The implementation tasks are broken into 9 week periods (themes). During a 9 week theme, each component is asked to implement three simple tasks. These tasks are noted as 1-star, 2-star, or 3-star efforts. Each component is strongly encouraged to implement at least the first task.

Does everyone have to do all three of the starred tasks for each 9 week theme?
The hopeful answer is Yes! The reality is probably not. Carry out the first initiative listed under each theme during the nine-week period. Implement the second and third initiatives under each theme as you are able. Doing so will help further enrich the healthy environment you are creating at your school.

Should everyone on the campus get a folder?
No. You only receive 6 folders, one for each component area. See the following question.

Do we have to make copies of the folder contents (e.g., component folder guides and resources) in order for everyone to get their implementation materials?
No, but you should determine the best way to distribute the folder contents to ensure that everyone gets their folder contents. Here are some options to get everyone their materials:

  • Have each member of your CATCH Team register for an account on www.CATCH.org (there is no cost to sign up) so they can access the theme pages and corresponding resources. They would then be tasked with distributing the information/link each theme to their component area colleagues.
  • Encourage everyone on your campus to register for an account on www.CATCH.org so they can access the component task pages and corresponding resources each theme.
  • Make photo copies of the 6 folder contents and distribute to all staff, respectively.
  • Make a few copies of the 6 folder contents and house the copies in the library for staff to check out and/or make their own copies.

How do I know what resources go with each component?
There are a few ways to find the resources specfic to a component:

  1. The contents of each folder are listed on the inside flap of every folder.
  2. Visit www.CATCH.org and go to the Elementary Coordination Kit. Each theme is listed and inside each theme you will find the resources listed for each component.
  3. Manually look through the resource content and make note of what resources are included in each folder.
  4. Find the photos/icons of the resources featured in the lower right margin on each theme page of every component guide.

If I want to send the contents of the folders electronically, how do I know what resources go with the folder?
On the CATCH.org website, click the icon for the Elementary Coordination Kit. Once there, each theme is listed separately. Click on the theme you are in and each component area will be listed separately. Each component will have:

  • A link to that theme’s task page; and,
  • Links to the individual resource(s) that correspond with their tasks.

You can send an email to your campus faculty and staff that includes a link to the CATCH.org page specific to their component area. Or, you can have them go to the site directly and they can access the documents themselves.

Now that I have the Coordination Kit, what do I do with it?
You should plan a meeting with your campus CATCH Team as soon as possible.

  1. Form a CATCH Team or Committee. Consider inviting a representative from each component area (PE Teacher, Classroom Teacher, Principal/AP, Child Nutrition staff, Nurse/Counselor, Music/Art Teacher, and Parent Leader) to be on the team.
  2. Share and explain the Coordination Kit with the Team and develop a plan to implement CATCH at your school.
  3. Take your plan to the principal. Stress that you need his/her support and participation.
  4. With your principal, map out a strategy to explain CATCH and the Kit to faculty/staff. Present your CATCH strategy to all school personnel during a faculty meeting. You can use the provided CATCH faculty presentation found on CATCH.org.
  5. Determine your method for distributing the folders and guide contents to all staff.
  6. Distribute your plan for the year with the appropriate component guide contents found in the Component Folders to each member of your community.
  7. Meet with your Team regularly and use the CATCH Team Guide to guide your efforts.
  8. Use the Checklists provided in the CATCH Team Guide (housed in each theme's "CATCH Champion & Team" folder online) as the agenda for your CATCH Team meetings.
  9. Update your campus faculty and staff at faculty meetings and/or send reminders about the star tasks each theme to your campus faculty and staff.
  10. Communicate and share! Communicate with your campus to encourage their participation, but also Show & Tell what you are doing with CATCH through various social media and other media outlets. See the Communications Guide and Resources on CATCH.org or in the Communications & Best Practices tab for more information.



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