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Theme III: Parent Leaders




Communicate CATCH. Post the CATCH MVP Eat Smart (English/Spanish) & Be Active (English/Spanish) posters in a designated area for parent information.

Keep in mind...
  • Copies can be downloaded and easily distributed via email to staff and parents.
  • Post (at least) one picture of a GO food on social media and explain the GO, SLOW, WHOA terminology. Use #GoSlowWhoa.



Work with the PTA or PTO to provide the CATCH MVP Eat Smart (English/Spanish) & Be Active (English/Spanish) posters to each family. 

Some ideas...
  • Ask the school website manager to post the posters on the school website.
  • Work with a community partner to fund copies of the poster to send home to families.
  • Ask the PTA to include information about the posters as part of their regular parent correspondence. 



Chunk the junk food! Do your school’s policies reinforce healthy lifestyles? If not, work to change them. Review policies on meetings, incentives, fundraising and concessions and make sure they comply with district and state policies.

You can find healthy fundraising resources…



Move a bit more. It doesn’t take an expensive gym membership to get the daily recommended amount of physical activity. Try to accumulate 30 minutes of physical activity each day.

Some ideas...

  • Park farther away to increase the amount you walk each day.
  • Stretch during a TV show.
  • Invest in a pedometer or activity tracker.





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