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Theme I: Physical Education



To get started on creating our CATCH MVP school, we want to kick our efforts off with a quick and easy theme. For this first theme, we are going to begin creating a healthy school environment for all students by having a CATCH Kick-Off Week. We are asking you to help us kick off our CATCH implementation with quick, fun, and informative activities to “CATCH” everyone’s attention. The intent is to coordinate the message across the campus and start Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice!





Play the CATCH MVP Games during CATCH Kick-Off Week. 

  • Take (at least) one picture or video of students playing the CATCH MVP Games and post to social media with #CATCHKickOff.



Commit to one small change to improve your own health and wellness. Small steps eventually lead to a big difference.


  • Eating an additional fruit or vegetable each day. Work toward five servings per day.
  • Reducing sedentary activity by eliminating 30 minutes of TV watching per day.
  • Walking with co-workers before, during or after school.




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