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Theme II: Overview


What Does It Mean to Make The Healthy Choice The Easy Choice?

What is the easier of the two choices below for students, at school or at home:

  • To snack on chips – or carrots?
  • To watch TV – or run around the block?
  • To eat fast food – or have a balanced, home-cooked meal with their family?

The answers, most often, are: snack on chips; watch TV; and eat fast food – clearly not the healthier choices. A key goal of the CATCH Program is to create an environment – at school and home – that makes the healthy choice easy and convenient.

Creating such an environment will help children practice healthier habits now – habits that will not only help them navigate the powerful influences ahead in their teen years, but will also make a lasting difference in the quality of their lives.

The second six weeks of the CATCH Program is “Our CATCH School: Creating Healthy Change.” During this period, the focus is on:

  • Continuing building awareness of the CATCH Program and its goals: to encourage students to eat healthier foods, drink water or low-fat milk instead of sweetened beverages and get regular physical activity; and,
  • Beginning to create an environment in which the healthy choice is the easy choice.


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