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Theme III: Overview


Theme III, entitled “CATCH My Drift?: Speaking the Language of CATCH,” is designed to teach a common vocabulary for the key concepts of CATCH. During this six-week period, the focus is on building student knowledge of:

  • The nutritional value of various foods (CATCH categorizes foods as GO, SLOW and WHOA foods to guide students in making wise food choices); and
  • The importance of physical activity and its different levels of intensity. CATCH describes activity as Vigorous, Moderate and Sedentary.

How Will You Know Your School is Talking the Talk?

Some ways to assess if your school is beginning to speak the language of CATCH include:

  • CATCH banners are posted
  • Health announcements are heard during announcements
  • Eat Smart (English/Spanish) & Be Active (English/Spanish) posters are displayed in classrooms
  • Student work depicting CATCH concepts are displayed in classrooms and hallways
  • Parent leaders or the PTA puts discussion of school health policy on their agenda



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