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Theme VI: Overview (6wk)



CATCH supports making the healthy choice the easy choice!

We strive to help you create environments for students where they can make their own healthy choices by providing them with many opportunities to do so. Keep in mind, positive role models are part of these environments and can serve to both encourage and reinforce healthy behaviors. Through these efforts we can support children in adopting healthy habits for a lifetime.

Revisit & Review

You have worked this school year to create a healthy environment for your students, their families, and faculty and staff. It’s time to review and revisit your efforts and determine what worked well and what lessons were learned.

As you take a look back, be sure to finish the school year off on a healthy note and encourage students to CATCH A Healthy Summer!

To close out the school year, Theme VI will focus on:

  • Encouraging and reinforcing students to continue practicing healthy habits through the summer; and,
  • Giving the CATCH Team dedicated time to take a look at the past school year and begin planning for next steps in the new school year.


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