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Theme II: Child Nutrition (6wk)




Choose to be a healthy role model. Post the CATCH My Healthy Living Commitment sign to share how you model healthy habits. 

Make a point to demonstrate healthy habits in front of students. Let students “CATCH” you…
  • Drinking water instead of sweetened beverages; eating fruits and vegetables at lunch.
  • Post (at least) one picture or video on social media of a nutrition services CATCH MVP engaged in a healthy activity. Use #CATCHMVP.



Read and sign the Eat Smart With Us flyer. Make copies for every teacher and the principal. Put the copies in their mail boxes. 

Keep in mind...
  • You can email a digital PDF instead of making photo copies.



Decorate your cafeteria! Use the CATCH Eat Smart Guide and the websites below to turn your cafeteria into an Eat Smart Classroom: 



Monitor portion distortion. Food portion sizes have increased significantly over the last 20 years. Be “super wise” before you “super size.”

Some ideas...

  • Take the Portion Distortion Quiz
  • Read food labels for portion size.
  • Split meals at restaurants or plan to take half of the meal home.




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