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How-To Videos (6wk)


The following videos contain suggested steps to follow and things to think about as you get started implementing CATCH on your campus using the Coordination Kit. Although some of the video content references the CATCH Middle School Kit, the information provided applies to the Elementary School Kit as well.

These videos are a great way to refresh your memory following training and can also be used to orient Team Members who were not able to attend training.

Theme I – First 6 Weeks

Reviews suggested steps to take following your CATCH Coordination Kit Training. The video provides information about key tasks included on the first 6 weeks checklist, which is offered as guide to make getting started easier for the CATCH Champion and Team.


How to Select Your CATCH Team

A quick look at organizing a CATCH Team at your school. This video includes several suggestions as you get started and begin putting together a group of people to coordinate the CATCH effort on your campus.


How To Conduct a CATCH Team Meeting

I have a CATCH Team, but what do I do when we meet?  Check out this video about conducting an efficient and effective CATCH Team Meeting. It offers ideas and suggestions from reviewing the Coordination Kit materials to delegating tasks to help make it easier to implement the themes.


Theme II – Second 6 Weeks

Creating healthy change – working to create a healthy environment. That is the focus of the second theme of the Coordination Kit. This video discusses the goals of increasing awareness about the CATCH Program and emphasizes the key health messages: eating healthy and getting regular physical activity.


Theme III – Third 6 Weeks

This video provides a brief overview of the third theme of the CATCH Coordination Kit, which is all about Talking the Talk.  The theme focuses on building student awareness and knowledge about the GO, SLOW, and WHOA nutrition concepts and the importance of physical activity.


Theme IV – Fourth 6 Weeks

During the fourth theme of the Coordination Kit we are focusing on building a bridge between campus efforts to bring about healthy change and home efforts to reinforce and sustain them. This video outlines the key activities involved in this theme to help build that bridge.


Theme V – Fifth 6 Weeks

This video describes the efforts during the fifth six weeks theme to celebrate success. During this theme we want to focus on the positives: celebrate the success of CATCH in your schools, recognize those who have contributed, and honor students putting what they have learned into practice.



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