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Theme III: Principals & Administration (6wk)




Post the CATCH MVP Eat Smart (English/Spanish) & Be Active (English/Spanish) posters in your area. Copy and distribute extras to office staff and parents. 

Keep in mind…
  • You can distribute digital copies of the posters to parents via email.
  • Post (at least) one picture of a GO food on social media and explain the GO, SLOW, WHOA terminology. Use #GoSlowWhoa.



Encourage teachers to display CATCH student work in hallways, classrooms, and cafeteria. 

Some ideas...
  • Sponsor a grade level Healthiest Hallway contest.
  • Ask teachers to donate student work to decorate the cafeteria.



Institute one or two school-wide policies designed to promote healthy change.

Some ideas...
  • Healthy Meeting Policy – When planning food for school meetings (faculty meetings, PTA/PTO, Campus Advisory Council, etc.), only healthy snacks and foods should be served.
  • Recess Policy – Students will not be denied recess or pulled from physical education class as a consequence for disruptive behavior or unfinished work.
  • Mission Nutrition Policy – Encourage parents to send only healthy snacks to school – in lunches and for class parties and celebrations.



Move a bit more. It doesn’t take an expensive gym membership to get the daily recommended amount of physical activity. Try to accumulate 30 minutes of physical activity each day.

Some ideas...

  • Park farther away to increase the amount you walk each day.
  • Stretch during a TV show.
  • Invest in a pedometer or activity tracker.
  • Walk with students. 




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