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Frequent Flyer - #40

Frequent Flyer
Section: GO FITNESS: Cardiovascular Efficiency - Quick Cardio Games
Equipment: 4 cones, Flash Fitness Locomotor Movement Task Cards
Fitness Component(s): cardiovascular efficiency, muscular strength
Skill Theme(s): traveling


  1. Place one cone in each corner of the activity area.
  2. Place a CATCH locomotor or muscular strength exercise task card at each cone.
  3. Divide the class into 4 groups and assign each group to one cone. (see diagram on Card #41)


  1. Students earn 5 Frequent Flyer Miles each time they move from one cone to another. Students may travel when they win a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with a partner. The objective is to earn as many Frequent Flyer Miles as possible.
  2. Instruct students to find a partner in their corner. Pairs play Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  3. The winner earns a ticket to the next cone (clockwise) but must use the mode of travel indicated by the CATCH task card. The student who remains at the cone immediately findsa new partner and repeats the activity Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  4. Students that travel to a new cone earn 5 Frequent Flyer Miles, quickly find a new partner upon arrival, and play Rock, Paper, Scissors again.
  5. Students only travel if they win Rock, Paper Scissors, otherwise they stay and play with a new partner until they do.

Teaching Suggestions:

  1. Designate locomotor movements (skipping, running, sliding) for the long sides of the activity area. Designate strength exercises (bear walk, crab walk) for the short sides of the area.
  2. Laminate the task cards so they last longer. This also makes it easy to tape them to cones.

Now Try This:

  1. Develop math concepts by changing the number of frequent flyer miles earned from cone to cone (3 miles from cone A to B; 6 miles from cone B to C; 8 miles from cone C to D; and 9 miles from cone D to A).
  2. Students earning 50 Frequent Flyer Miles go to First Class for 2 minutes (the middle of the area) and use a piece of equipment of their choice (racquet/ball, juggling scarves, basketball, soccer ball, etc.). After 2 minutes they continue earning miles and can return to First Class each subsequent 50 miles earned.



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