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Count Down - #12



Count Down - #12
Section: Warm-Up & Cool-Down
Equipment: 1 polyspot for every two students, music (optional)
Fitness Component(s): Cardiovascular efficiency, muscular strength, flexibility
Skill Theme(s): Traveling, dodging, spatial awareness


  1. Students and polyspots are scattered throughout the activity area.


  1. On signal (music starts), students begin jogging and touching polyspots.
  2. Students move from spot to spot until they have touched 10 polyspots (require students to touch 10 different polyspots).
  3. After touching the 10th spot, the student performs 10 jumping jacks.
  4. Students then begin moving from spot to spot until they have touched 9 polyspots, and perform 9 jumping jacks after touching the 9th spot (remind students to touch 9 different spots).
  5. Continue the “Count Down” moving to 8 spots, 7 spots, 6 spots, etc., until students reach 0.

Teaching Suggestions:

  1. Instruct students who finish before others to walk around the perimeter of the activity area until most students have finished the “Count Down.”
  2. Acknowledge safe traveling and completing the task correctly. Discourage racing.

Now Try This:

  1. Designate a center line. Require students to cross the center line each time they move to a different polyspot.
  2. Designate a muscular strength or stretching exercise instead of jumping jacks.
  3. Challenge students to use a different locomotor movement from spot to spot.
  4. Challenge students to perform a different exercise for each phase of the “Count Down.”
  5. Challenge students to “Count Down” in less than a designated time period (5-7 minutes).
  6. BASKETBALL, FLOOR HOCKEY, SOCCER, TENNIS, VOLLEYBALL: students move from spot to spot performing a skill specific to the respective piece of sport equipment. (Basketball/Soccer—hand/foot dribble. Floor Hockey—stick handle puck, tennis ball, or yarn ball. Tennis—paddle “downs” or “ups.” Volleyball—walk, toss, & set/forearm pass).


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