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Warm-Ups & Cool-Downs

Warm-up activities prepare students for more vigorous movement, while cool-down activities provide closure, retrieve equipment, and cool down students.


Fast Walk - #4

Students walk within the activity area and follow fast walk commands. 

The S Trail - #5

Students follow the leader in a single file line, with their eyes focused directly on the person in front of them.

Mingle, Mingle - #6

Students practice different locomotor movements and joining and dispersing from groups.Video icon

Quick Draw - #8

Each partner shows either 1 or 2 fingers. If partners show the same number they do 10 jumping jacks together.

High 5 in the Middle - #9

Pairs who stand on parallel lines walk to meet each other and perform various tasks.

Partner Jog - #11

Students try to jog a designated time while holding a fabric strip between themselves and a partner.

Count Down - #12

Students touch a designated number of polyspots, and then do a corresponding number of excercises. 

Go Loco! - #13

Each time students pass a cone, they read the task card and change their locomotor movement.

Two-Square Locomotion - #14

All students move around the rectangle. Each time they pass a cone, they change their locomotor movement.

Flash Fitness Fun - #16

On signal, students alternate between jogging and completing an excercise.

Whistle Fitness - #17

Students walk around the perimeter and travel in accordance with the number of whistles sounded.

Huddle Up - #18

Students are challenged to move in a pack while maintaining contact with a ball, and occasionally complete a group activity with the ball.

Copy Cat - #19

Students travel using a locomotor movement of their choice, and then have a partner copy them.

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