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Over, Under, Around, and Through - #11

Over, Under, Around, and Through
Equipment: short ropes, scarves, pieces of cloth
Skill(s): cardiovascular efficiency, quickness, agility


  1. Children are scattered throughout the gym in groups of three.
  2. Each group has two members of the group "holding hands" with pieces of rope or cloth. The third member of the group is standing to one side facing their partners.


  1. The game begins when the teacher calls out a sequence of movements based on the commands Over/Under/Around and Through.
  2. Only those four commands are used in the game but they may be used in any sequence and number. For instance, a command may be: "Over, under, over around".
  3. The "runner" in each group tries to complete the sequence as quickly as possible on the "go" command. S/he would be required to go over the joined hands, under the hands, over the hands, and then completely around both partners.

Teacher Suggestions:

  1. After giving the movement sequence, pause and allow enough time for the team to rehearse the pattern.
  2. Change runners each time.
  3. Do not give more than 6 to 7 commands, depending upon the age of the students.

Now Try This: 

  1. Have each group of three pick another group they want to challenge.
  2. Invite a winning group to pick the next movement sequence.



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