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Cooperative Games

Introduction & Objectives - Cooperative Games

Mirror, Mirror - #396

This game is similar to the game "Telephone", but instead of passing along a sentence, students pass a series of body movements.

Look Into My Eyes - #397

On command, students standing in a circle alternate between looking down and looking up at another student. If two students lock eyes, they change circles.

Group Knot Tying - #398

Students stand in a chain, holding a jump rope between each person. The group attempts to tie a simple overhand knot in the center rope without anyone letting go of a rope.

Hoop Around - #399

Students are in groups, each holding onto a hoop. Groups must race to an endline, but on the teacher's signal, stop to put the hoop on the ground and get inside within the count of three.

Group in a Hoop - #401

Students move to music, and on signal, try to stand in a hoop as quickly as possible. The teach reduces the number of hoops over time.

Mat Challenges - #402

As a group, sudents attempt to unfold and rotate a mat while standing on it.

Cooperative 21 - #403

Students will rebound the ball against the wall without stopping. 

Cooperative Handball - #404

Students try to get a ball to a player sitting under a basketball hoop, but cannot move if in possession of the ball.

Radioactive River - #405

Students must figure out how to use a scooter, jump rope, and tennis racket to get all members of their group from one "shore" to another without touching the "radioactive river".

Swiss Cheese Parachute Team Challenges - #407

Students complete a variety of team challenges using a parachute.

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