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Introduction & Objectives - Fitness Challenges



Creating positive attitudes toward fitness and a physically active lifestyle depend greatly upon nurturing students’ self-esteem and confidence. Children who feel confident they are able to reach attainable levels of movement competence are more likely to continue these behaviors throughout adolescence and into adulthood. The CATCH Fitness Challenges offer a variety of incentive programs designed to prompt, reward, and celebrate individual and class achievements. Front and center of each CATCH Fitness Challenge is the commitment on the teaching and learning of skills, knowledge, and behaviors that will motivate children to pursue opportunities to be physically active today, tomorrow, and throughout their lives.


In these activities students will:

  1. Monitor and understand their individual progress.
  2. Set and endeavor to achieve individual, class, or school fitness goals.
  3. Strive to be physically activity at home and outside of CATCH PE class.


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