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Alphabet Walk - #11



Alphabet Walk - #11
Section: Warm-Up & Cool-Down
Equipment: None
Movement Concept(s): Effort (time, force, flow)
Skill Theme(s): Traveling, jumping & landing



  1. Students are scattered throughout the activity area. 


  1. Students imagine their feet have been dipped in paint. They will explore how the body moves by painting letters and numbers on the ground.
  2. Provide students with a painting project. For example, ask students to paint their first/last name, best friend’s name, name of their favorite book/movie/ice cream/movement, the entire alphabet, the name of their teacher/school/principal, a math problem, individual letters/numbers, vowels/consonants, vocabulary words, etc.
  3. Combine the painting project with a contrasting concept of effort:

Time – paint fast/slow, paint like a cheetah/snail, paint like a train that chugs faster and faster and then gets slower and slower.
Force – paint and glide/stomp, paint moving sneaky/scared, paint feeling angry/sad/happy/confused.
Flow – paint like you are floating in the sky/climbing a ladder, paint with exploding jump stops/drifting lazy walk.

Teaching Suggestions:

  1. For young readers, hold up signs indicating letters of the alphabet, numbers or words.
  2. Alter the size of the painting space. A large “canvas” requires painting in the entire activity area, a small “canvas” requires painting in self space.

Now Try This:

  1. Allow students to invent their own methods for demonstrating how the body moves and teach their ideas to a partner. 
  2. Have pairs hold hands or stand one behind the other and paint together.


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