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Shark - #363-364

Equipment: 2 soccer balls for every 3 students, 4 cones
Skills Emphasized: dribbling, ball control, tackling


  1. Students are scattered in a designated activity area.
  2. Or use grid formation (see grid diagram in the Formations section on card #422).


  1. Two-thirds of the students have a ball; students without soccer balls are “sharks.”
  2. On signal, those with soccer balls dribble, while the sharks attempt to gain possession of a ball.
  3. When the dribbler loses his/her ball, s/he becomes a shark and attempts to obtain another ball.
  4. When students hear “freeze,” they all stop moving.

Teaching Suggestions:

  1. Praise those with 1 foot on top of the ball; begin a new game immediately.
  2. For safety, have students move slowly at first (walk or skip).
  3. Before playing “Shark,” students should practice dribbling in a space.


  1. Use a larger activity area to make dribbling easier.
  2. Use fewer sharks to make dribbling easier.
  3. Decrease the activity area to make dribbling more difficult.
  4. Add more sharks to make dribbling more difficult.
  5. BASKETBALL: Play the game with students using basketball dribbling skills.


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