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Blob Tag - #163



Blob Tag - #163
Section: Fast Games
Grade Level: 1-3
Equipment: 4 cones
Skills Emphasized: Fleeing, dodging, chasing, running


  1. Designate boundaries in a safe, open activity area.
  2. Designate 2 students to be the "Blobs" (It). The other students are "Clumps."
  3. The "Blobs" start in one corner of the activity area. The "Clumps" are scattered throughout activity area.


  1. The "Blobs" live in the hills (one corner of the gym or space) and are awakened by the "Clumps" who like to say, "Clump, clump, clump...," which wakes the "Blobs" to begin the game. The "Clumps" live in Clump City (far away from where the "Blobs" are). Upon waking the "Blobs," the "Clumps" scatter to avoid being caught.
  2. The 2 "Blobs" chase and tag "Clumps." Tagged "Clumps" join hands with the "Blob" that tagged them.
  3. The "Blobs" continue to add until they have grown to at least 4 students. Upon reaching 4, a "Blob" divides into 2 equal "Blobs" of 2 students each.

Teaching Suggestions:

  1. Emphasize safety and fair play.
  2. Sound effects are optional (e.g., "Clump, clump").


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