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Dragon's Tail - #18-19



Dragon's Tail - #18-19
Section: Aerobic Games
Grade Level: K-5
Equipment: 1 scarf, bandana, or fabric strip per student, 4 cones
Skills Emphasized: Running, dodging


  1. Students are scattered in a designated activity area, each with a scarf.


  1. Students become a “dragon” by tucking a small portion of their tail (scarf) into their waistband. Shirt tails should also be tucked in.
  2. On signal, dragons skip throughout the activity area attempting to pull the tails of other dragons.
  3. Dragons are not allowed to:
    • Hold on to their own tail.
    • Fall down, dive or sit on their tail.
    • Contact others while pulling tails or preventing their own from being pulled.
    • Pull tail if their tail is missing.
  4. Students who pull a tail must say “(Name), I got your tail!” and then place the tail on the ground.
  5. Dragons who lose their tails must first pick up their tail and then do 5 jumping jacks outside the activity area before returning to the game.

Teaching Suggestions:

  1. For safety, continue playing at a slow speed until students are able to move without colliding.
  2. “Move with body control. Look where you are moving.”


  1. Chase using a variety of locomotor movements.
  2. Change the re-entry task for dragons who have lost their tail (e.g., jump rope, dribble a basketball, push-ups, sit-ups).


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