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Introduction - Flying Disc


Flying disc activities are popular with children and easy to organize. The following activities utilize basic throwing and catching skills in easy-to-manage drills and games.


In these activities students will:

  1. Engage in ample moderate-to-vigorous activity.
  2. Learn and practice generalizable throwing, catching, and game skills.
  3. Enjoy being physically active.

Technique/Teaching Cues


A. Backhand Throw:

  1. Place the thumb on top of the flying disc, the pad of the index finger along the rim, and the other fingers underneath.
  2. Stand sideways with right foot toward the target (if throwing with the right hand).
  3. Step toward the target and throw the flying disc in a sideways motion across your body simultaneously snapping your wrist.
  4. Keep the flying disc flat on release (parallel to the ground).

B. Forehand Throw:

  1. Use the same grip as in the Backhand Throw but face the target and hold the flying disc at your throwing hand side.
  2. Step forward with the leg opposite your throwing arm while brining the flying disc forward and snapping your wrist.
  3. Release the flying disc while keeping it parallel to the ground.

C. Curving the Flying Disc:

  1. Tilt the flying disc so that it is not prallel to the ground.


D. Alligator Catch (2 hands):

  1. Extend hands with wrists facing and close together.
  2. “Clasp” the flying disc with 1 hand on bottom and 1 hand on top.
  3. Bring the flying disc into the chest area.

E. Thumbs-Down Catch:

  1. Use the Thumbs-Down Catch when the flying disc is above waist level.
  2. Point your thumbs toward the ground.

F. Thumbs-Up Catch:

  1. Use the Thumbs-Up Catch when the flying disc is below waist level.
  2. Point your thumbs up and spread your fingers.


In addition to the general safety hints outlined in the CATCH Kid’s Club Activity Box, ensure that students:

  1. Throw to, not at others.
  2. Look before they throw.
  3. Follow your start and stop signals.

How to Use the Flying Disc Activities

Throws and catches should be demonstrated and practiced before they are used in game play. The first few activities provide a format for the active practice of these skills. They could be used as the daily lead-in activities so that students coudl warm-up and receive practice simultaneously. Instructors should select the activities based on the interest and skill elvels of their particular students.


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