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Margot Toppen is a visionary leader who works at the intersection of SEL, arts, and physical education. In 2006, Margot developed Dancing with Class, now a highly sought-after program serving hundreds of schools each year. This paved the way for the development of EduMotion: SEL Journeys, a digital platform that delivers an SEL-themed movement curriculum inspired by world cultures. Margot is a dynamic presenter who frequently appears at conferences related to SEL, arts, and physical education. A graduate of Northwestern University, she recently completed Kellogg’s Non-Profit Executive Scholars program, with a focus on innovation and leadership.

With a dedication to collective impact, Margot is a founding member of CASEL’s SEL Providers Council and SHAPE America’s Task Force for SEL in Health and Physical Education. She has also served on the Partnerships and Professional Learning Panel for Ingenuity, a leader in arts education advocacy and research. In 2019, she co-presented with Ingenuity at CASEL’s inaugural SEL Exchange. In a past life, Margot worked as a multimedia content producer, and she has enjoyed putting some of those skills back to use with the launch of SEL Journeys.