Tafuta Tovuti

Kuwa Vape Bure is an an initiative to help ensure that everyone – students, parents, educators, and other community members – has access to no-cost, vaping prevention resources to help educate and empower young people. 

Katika moyo wa Kuwa Vape Bure is the evidence-based CATCH My Breath core curriculum.  In partnership with Discovery Education and the CVS Health Foundation, the core program has been supplemented with many additional resources and activities, including three virtual field trips. Enjoy!

Field Trip #1: Kusafisha Hewa

This real-world virtual learning is an opportunity to get the facts on the vaping epidemic. Students will gain powerful insights as several teenagers share their firsthand experiences of successfully avoiding e-cigarettes, learn how to think critically about everyday influences like advertising and social media, pick up effective refusal skills and debunk common myths with a health professional. Be sure to share this important virtual learning experience with your students, as those who use e-cigarettes are at increased risk of complications from respiratory illnesses like COVID-19.

Field Trip #2: Ukweli tu

As "Vape Detectives" students uncover the harsh truth about e-cigarettes in this exciting virtual exploration. Students will become E-cigarette Sleuths collecting shocking evidence that proves just how villainous vaping’s effects are on the brain, heart, and lungs. Immerse your class in the science of addiction by tracking vape aerosol right from the first e-cigarette puff all the way to the brain! A variety of real-world experts will join to help students make the case to protect their bodies and choose a life free from addiction.

Field Trip #3: Be Vape Free Heroes

Give students the skills to say “No” to risky behaviors like vaping and empower healthy decision-making with this anti-vaping adventure. Meet diverse subject matter experts and teenage advocates who are harnessing their knowledge of the harmful effects of e-cigarettes to make a positive impact locally and beyond. Students will go inside the world of social media to explore how their decision-making regarding e-cigarettes can be influenced by others, while discovering strategies to avoid unhealthy behaviors. Inspire a new generation of health heroes by equipping students with tools they can use to help those who are addicted find the courage and support to quit.

Be Vape Free Heroes