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CATCH Healthy Smiles 2nd Grade

CATCH Healthy Smiles is an oral health promotion program that will help your students gain knowledge and skills to build strong oral hygiene habits and prevent tooth decay. 

Following are program materials including: training, teacher resources, parent resources, curriculum lessons, extension activities organized by subject area, PE supplemental activities, and signage.

Distribute this handout and the parent notification letter to parents to inform them about CATCH Healthy Smiles.

You may use these slides to present the program to your community (SHAC, schools, etc.)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at healthysmiles@catch.org



Check out these sample program resources and materials!

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Program Overview

Information about classroom sessions, curriculum goals and rationale, scope & sequence, standards, and acknowledgements.


Training slides for educators implementing CATCH Healthy Smiles, directions for the implementation of a toothbrushing routine at school, and the unit plan.

Extension Activities

38 TEKS-aligned extension activities organized by subject area.

Lesson 1: Tooth Structure and Function

Students will describe the structure and function of teeth, explain that they need to keep their baby teeth healthy to have strong adult teeth, and explain that they need to brush their teeth at least twice a day for 2 minutes and floss once daily.

Lesson 2: Keeping Our Teeth Clean

Students will describe the benefits of brushing, describe the different types of teeth, describe dental plaque and tartar, explain that they need to brush their teeth at least twice daily for 2 minutes and floss once daily, and explain how much toothpaste to put on their toothbrush.

Lesson 3: The Dentist

Students will describe the role of the dentist and the events that take place during a dental check-up.

Lesson 4: Brushing

Students will describe why it is important to brush teeth, explain when and how often to brush teeth, demonstrate how to correctly brush teeth, describe the consequences of not brushing, and describe cavities as a sign of disease.

Lesson 5: Flossing

Students will describe the importance of flossing teeth, define how often teeth need to be flossed, describe how to floss teeth, and describe the consequences of not flossing.

Lesson 6: Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Students will identify sugary drinks, describe how sugary drinks affect oral health, and differentiate between tooth-friendly drinks and harmful drinks.

Lesson 7: Candy, Sticky Foods, and Processed Snacks

Students will identify snacks that stick to teeth, describe the consequences of eating candy, sticky foods, and processed snacks, differentiate between tooth-friendly and harmful foods, and describe the cause and length of an acid attack.

Lesson 8: Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables

Students will describe the effect of crunchy fruits and vegetables on tooth health and differentiate between foods that are healthy and harmful to teeth.

PE Supplemental Activities

Nine PE activities (3 Tag Games, 3 Cooperative Challenges, and 3 Fitness & Relay Activities) designed to reinforce the knowledge, skills, and healthy dental habits students are learning and practicing in the classroom.

Teacher 411: Additional Resources

Additional resources for educators who will be implementing CATCH Healthy Smiles. Includes FAQ, videos, policy toolkits, infographics, and a social media site.

Parent Resources

Resources for parents, including a parent handout, letter (to be sent home at the beginning of the program), videos, fact sheets, and more.


Posters to be printed for display in the bathroom, cafeteria, halls, and classroom.

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