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CATCH My Breath Middle School-6 Session Version

CATCH My Breath is a prevention program that will help your students build knowledge and skills to resist media influences and peer pressure to try Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (aka E-Cigarettes). It was designed to be delivered by nurses, school counselors, or teachers of health education, tobacco education, physical education, drug education, or science.

Following are program materials including: training, parent resources, evaluation tools, signage, peer-facilitator guides and curriculum lessons.

Introductory Community Presentation

State, regional and local tobacco educators may use these slides to present to their communities (SHACs, schools, etc). If you wish to add more introductory e-cigarette content, please draw from the training slides from the training section. 

Evaluation Tools: Student Survey

If you are a Central Texas school in Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis or Williamson County, you may complete the post-survey here.

All other schools may use the "Evaluation Tools" link below. 


See link below.

Free sample: Poster #1 (Display 4 copies per school for 6 weeks)

Medium-res (1 MB) 



General information and credits

Program Overview

Information about classroom sessions, curriculum goals and rationale, scope & sequence, and standards

Key E-Cigarette Information

Background information and glossary of terms


A 55-minute training webinar for educators implementing CATCH My Breath.

Parent Resources

Resources for parents, including a parent handout, letter (to be sent home at the beginning of the program), videos, fact sheets, and more.

Teacher / Tobacco Educator Resources

Resources for teachers / tobacco educators who will be implementing CATCH My Breath. Includes policy templates, infographics, social media, and guides/toolkits. 

Evaluation Tools

Links for student pre- and post-surveys, as well as a teacher feedback survey. 


A series of 3 posters to be used to reinforce messaging. 

Session 0: Getting Ready to Start the Program

Selecting and training Peer Group Facilitators

Session 1: Negative Consequences of Smoking E-cigarettes

Students will discuss and explore the negative consequences of smoking E-cigarettes

Session 2: Resisting Peer Pressure

Students will brainstorm positive alternatives to using E-cigarettes

Session 3: Don't Let Them Lie and Win

Students will analyze advertising techniques and develop an advertising idea that promotes being E-cigarette free.

Session 4: Places, Situations, Advertising

Students will continue exploring advertising techniques and developing an advertising idea that promotes being E-cigarette-free.

Session 5: Refusing Peer Pressure

Students will identify E-cigarette refusal skills and strategies

Session 6: I'm Clean

Students will review effective ways to remain E-cigarette free and present anti-E-cigarette advertising ideas

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