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Grades 3-5 Physical Education Activities (old)

This Activity Box for children in grades 3 - 5 includes over 650 developmentally appropriate, non-elimination games and activities that are super fun and easy to set up. Each card in the box features detailed instructions for how to play the game and lists the equipment that is needed. Also included is a Teacher’s Guidebook with additional resources and tips.


Order the physical PE Activity Box for Grades 3-5

This CATCH.org PE Activity Pack Grades K-5 includes a selection of the most popular age-appropriate games and physical activities from both the CATCH K-2 and 3-5 Activity Boxes, along with instructional materials and video guides (coming soon). Access the K-2 Activity Pack here or from the CATCH.org Home screen.

Order the CATCH.org PE Activity Pack for Grades K-5

Sample Unit Plans

Following are sample unit and lesson plans using CATCH activities from each Activity Box. 

Fast Walk - #4

Students walk within the activity area and follow fast walk commands. 

The S Trail - #5

Students follow the leader in a single file line, with their eyes focused directly on the person in front of them.

Quick Draw - #8

Each partner shows either 1 or 2 fingers. If partners show the same number they do 10 jumping jacks together.

High 5 in the Middle - #9

Students give eachother high and low fives. 

Go Loco! - #13

Each time students pass a cone, they read the task card and change their locomotor movement.

Two-Square Locomotion - #14

All students move around the rectangle. Each time they pass a cone, they change their locomotor movement.

Whistle Fitness - #17

Students walk around the perimeter and travel in accordance with the number of whistles sounded.

Frequent Flyer - #40

Students earn 5 Frequent Flyer Miles each time they move from one cone to another.

Fitness Tag - #61

On signal, students move around the activity area while “Its” try to tag others. 

Race Day! - #68

Partners complete a series of jump rope tasks. 

Lucky Guess - #181

Students practice jump rope skills in 30 second cycles. 

Jump the Circuit - #185

Students practice their jump rope skills at various stations. 

Steel Abs Challenge - #235-236

Students perform a variety of ab excercises using a scarf. 

Bears to the Honey Pot - #239

Bears have 1 minute to retrieve honey and return it to their honey pot without being “stung” (tagged) by the Queen Bee.

Sunny Day - #275

Students pretend their ball is the sun and mimic its movement.

People Dodge - #276

Students walk within boundaries, avoiding others and looking for open space.

Georgia Brown Passing Challenges - #375

Passing challenges. 

Around the World - #379

The cones represent countries. Students “visit” countries by dribbling their ball in a circle around the cone.

Pass Back - #424

Students do a variety of passing activities. 

Partner Jog with Flying Disc - #427

Pairs jog/run around the course while throwing/catching the flying disc

Repair the Ozone - #429

Students throw their ozone repair systems (flying discs) into the holes to keep North America from becoming flooded.

4 Downs - #455

Students attempt to reach the opposite goal line with four allowed downs. 

Golden Goal Dribbling, Passing & Shooting Skills - #506

Passing and shooting skills. 

Gather Around - #587

Students practice passing and setting the volleyball.

Bump and Boogie - #588

Students bump the ball back and forth in pairs. 

Ideas for Inclusion - #628-629 and Object Control: Hand - #652-655

This section provides information and teaching tips for actively involving students or participants with disabilities in activities.

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