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Grades 6-8 Physical Education Activities

This Activity Box for students in grades 6 - 8 includes over 580 developmentally appropriate, non-elimination games and activities that are super fun and easy to set up.

Each card in the box features detailed instructions for how to play the game and lists the equipment that is needed (equipment sold separately). Cards are conveniently organized into color-coded sections for ease-of-use, including: Warm Up & Cool Down, Partner Challenges, Flexibility Activities, etc. Box also features a section specifically designed for working with students with special needs and getting everyone in the game. Aligns with state and NASPE PE standards.

Below are a collection of sample activities from the CATCH 6-8 Activity Box. The 6-8 Activity Box is available for purchase on the Flaghouse online store.

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Sample Unit Plans

Fast Walk-Slow Walk - #5

Students try variations of fast and slow walking.

The S Trail - #6

The student leader makes "S" patterns beginning with a walk that gradually increases to a jog others follow.

Over, Under, Around, and Through - #11

Students complete a series of movements using ropes. 

Team Rock/Paper/Scissors - #14

Each team will group together in their safe area and decide on one sign to show the other team.

Blob - #25

A game of cumulative tag. 

Pit Stop Relay - #30

Students complete the course of a designated track. 

Impact Intervals - #31

Students complete a variety of excercises in 30 second cycles.

Triangle Tag - #39

A rotating game of tag. 

Two-Square Locomotion - #40

One group walks around outer square while the second group skips, jogs, gallops, or runs around the inner square.

Scatter Fitness - #71

Students complete a variety of activities chosen by the teacher. 

Double Trouble - #175

Students jog throughout the activity area dodging or jumping over the ropes.

Glue & Stretch - #299

A game of "Follow the Leader" with intermittent stretching. 

Fitness Flexibility Stations - #304

A variety of stretching excercises. 

Stretch Routine - #305

Students complete a variety of stretches. 

Hoop It Up - #379

Students will complete a variety of dribbling and non-dribbling drills. 

Four-Corner Drill - #385

Students will pass the basketball in a 4 corner grid. 

Cooperative 21 - #403

Students will rebound the ball against the wall without stopping. 

4 Downs - #454

Students will try to reach the opposite goal line with only four downs. 

Aerobic Football - #455

Students will attempt to reach the opposing team's goal line. 

All-Run Soccer - #481

A game of kicking and fielding. 

Home Run Derby - #493

A classic game of softball. 

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