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Kids Club After School Physical Activities Grades 5-8

The CATCH Kids Club (CKC) Activity Box for Grades 5-8 includes over 600 activity cards with detailed instructions for age-appropriate games that get children moving and having a blast while increasing their MVPA (moderate-to-vigorous physical activity).

The fully organized tabbed sections include activities for Warm Up & Cool Downs; Muscular Strength and Endurance; Flexibility; Cooperative Games; Sports; and more! Its user-friendly format is easy to implement for staff and enjoyable for everyone.

Making it Happen: Sample Activity Plans

Sample one-unit plans to ease implementation of the activities in this lesson pack.

Over, Under, Around, and Through - #12

A game for groups of 3 players that uses a rope or scarf. Promotes cardiovascular efficiency, quickness, and agility.Video icon

Passing Challenges - #383-384

Three challenges that practice passing (chest, bounce, overhead).

Random Grid Passing - #385-386

Participants pass the ball randomly to each other while walking, jogging, or running staying within the boundaries of the square.

Five-Catch Keep Away - #395-396

Teams attempt to complete 5 consecutive passes without dropping or having the ball intercepted.

Look Into My Eyes - #413

The players try not to “look into someone elseʼs eyes” who might be looking back. 

Hoop Around - #415

 A hoop game involving teamwork and cooperation. 

Kickoff Return - #478-479

Each team attempts to return the football without interception. 

Go Long - #480

 A game of passing and intercepting. 

4 Downs - #481-482

The pass receiver runs a pass pattern and the QB attempts to complete a pass to the receiver.

Volleyball Team Play - #584

The object is to see how many times the 2 teams can bump the ball back and forth.

Aerobic Volleyball - #585

A game of volleyball involving jogging exercises. 

Grid Volleyball - #586

 A rotating game of volleyball. 

Meet Me in the Middle - #37

A race between 2 students to finish their exercise first on signal of the leader.

Take It Easy - #337

A game like simon says with dribbling.

Move It Out - #391-392

A game of dribbling a ball in hoops.

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