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Kids Club After School Physical Activities Grades K-5

The CATCH Kids Club (CKC) Activity Box for Grades K-5 includes over 400 activity cards with detailed instructions for age-appropriate games and physical activities. 

Below are a collection of sample activities from the CATCH Kids Club K-5 Activity Box. The Activity Box is available for purchase on the Flaghouse online store.

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Making it Happen: Sample Activity Plans

Sample one-unit plans to ease implementation of the activities in this lesson pack.

See Ya Later Alligator - #15-17

A game of tag.

Fitness Football - #25-27

Players attempt to dodge defenders. 

Frogs on the Lily Pads - #127-128

Players attempt to toss beanbags into hoops. 

Bean Bag Buddies - #129-130

Partners complete challenges as instructed by the teacher and pairs complete a locomotor task between challenges.

Bean Bag Bucket Brigade - #133-134

The object of the game is to get all bean bags (bucket of water) from one end (the well) to the other (the fire) to put it out.

Go Fish - #150

Students pretend they are fish in the ocean and move accrodingly. 

Octopus Tag - #151-152

On signal, fish try to travel through "Octopi" without being touched.

Hospital Tag - #164-165

On signal, all students try to tag other students without being tagged themselves.

Wylie/Wilma & The Scary Monster - #170-171

Wylie and Welma attempt to flee the Scary Monster.

Elbow Tag - #172

On signal, students that are "It" try to tag the others.

Out for a Pass - #186-187

Students in pairs alternate throwing and catching the flying disc.

Bullseye - #188-189

The object is for students to use designated throws to land their flying disc in the designated targets.

Repair The Ozone - #190-191

Students throw their ozone repair systems (flying discs) into the holes to keep North America from becoming flooded.

Musical Hoops - #223-224

On signal (music starts), a locomotor movement is called and students move randomly throughout the activity area.

Automobile - #225-226

Students imagine the hoop is an automobile and they are drivers.

Me and My Shadow - #358-359

On signal, leaders move attempting to elude their shadows.

Shark - #363-364

On signal, those with soccer balls dribble, while the sharks attempt to gain possession of a ball.

Come and Get It - #367-368

On the command “Come and get it,” all students run to the center line, attempt to get a ball, and dribble it back to their line.

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