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CATCH.org K-5 Kids Club Activity Pack

The CATCH Kids Club is an after-school, summer, and community recreation program to develop and maintain health in school-age children. The primary goal is to promote healthy physical activity behaviors. The CATCH Kids Club includes short lessons on healthy eating and this physical activity component. The complete physical CKC Activity Box is available for purchase on the Flaghouse online store.

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This online CATCH.org Kids Club (CKC) Activity Pack for Grades K-5 includes a selection of the most popular age-appropriate games and physical activities from the CKC Activity Box, along with instructional materials and video guides. 

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Making It Happen: How to Use CATCH Kids Club

CATCH Kids Club general overview; "Ready, Set, Go" guide to getting started; and, "Playing it Safe" guide.

Sample Activity Plans

Six plans are provided for the younger children (Grades K-2) and six plans are provided for the older children (Grades 3-5).Video icon

CATCH Kids Club Activity Cards

Browse individual CATCH Kids Club activities, organized by category.

Go Fitness Introduction #19-20

An Introduction to our GO FITNESS lessons.

2, 4, 6, 8 Everybody Participate #28

A game that uses sport skills

Blob - #29

A game of tag where the kids that get tagged team up with the tagger to catch the runners.

Diagonal Dash - #30

A game involving organized running around a circle then on signal, the kids have to run through the center to the other end and back.

Double Tag - #31

A game of tag where the objective is to get all players from the other team on your team.

Elbow tag - #32

A game of tag where the kids being tagged must link up to stay untaggable but only for 15 seconds.

Fitness Tag - #33

 A game of tag where there are teams that have different colors each team has a different exercise for tagged people.

Pit Stop Relay - #34

This game is a race.

Impact Intervals - #35-36

A game where the players try to beat their time in a running, or sport skill.

Movement Changes - #38-39

A game where everybody moves in a clockwise motion, doing different locomotor movements on pass of the cone.

Outta Here - #40-41

A game of tag where tagged players jump rope and players avoiding being tagged can stand in a hoop but if another player comes along and says "Outta here" the player can either go to another hoop or return to the activity area.


Pass It On - #42

A game where the kids are split into 2 groups and 1 group does a dance to the music playing then the group 2 has to continue the sequence.

Random Running - #43-44

A game where kids are running in opposite directions trying to keep a steady pace.

Team Run & Jump - #45

A running and group skills game, involving running and other fitness-oriented exercises.

Traffic Jam - #46

A game teaching kids about stress safety.

Triangle Tag - #47

A game where the group makes a circle with one person ( the tagger ) on the outside one of the group is designated to be tagged the group must run in a circle to keep the tagger from getting tagged.


Two-Square Locomotion - #48-49

A game where you have an inner square ( used for fast locomotor skills ) and an outer square ( used for walking ) every 1 - 2 minutes you rotate groups.

Tail Tag - #50-51

A game of tag where the players want to remove others tails without getting theirs taken.

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