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March 9, 2022  | By CATCH Global Foundation

Alicia Roice is a senior at Mountain House High School in Mountain House, California. As a member of the CATCH My Breath Youth Advisory Board of Directors (YA BOD), she hopes to advocate for vaping and tobacco prevention as an extension of her passion for mental health advocacy. She wants teens to be able to live healthy lives and make choices for themselves, but not at the behest of a vape or cigarette. She hopes that by educating the teenage population on the dangerous effects of e-cigarettes, nicotine usage, and vaping, she will be able to grapple at one of the causes of negative mental health among the teenage population. Through this, she hopes to create a population of teenagers ready to live to their potential, without the use of a vape or cigarette.

Apart from the YA BOD, Alicia participates in many extracurricular activities as a part of the Varsity team on her school’s Science Olympiad team, an avid HOSA member and competitor, secretary of her Active Minds chapter, and a seasoned science fair participant. She has a deep passion for the medical field, and she dreams of becoming a child and adolescent psychiatrist and neuroscience researcher in the future.

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