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March 9, 2022  | By CATCH Global Foundation

Madeline Pitre is a senior at Biloxi High School. She began advocating against tobacco and vaping after her grandmother passed away due to an illness caused by her lifelong smoking habit. At school, she is President of the Campus Service Council where she leads campaigns against tobacco and vaping. She works in her community as a Youth Advocate for her county’s tobacco-free coalition. Madeline has presented to classes across her school district in order to educate more youth about the dangers of vaping. She also worked with a local summer camp to educate younger children about tobacco and vaping.

Madeline has played clarinet for 6 years and piano for 12 years, and she plays both instruments in her school’s Wind Ensemble. She is also active in the marching band, holding positions such as section leader and Drum Major. She is a member of the varsity tennis and track team, and Captain of the varsity cross country team. She hopes to become a medical research scientist and develop new ways to treat diseases, such as those caused by smoking. Madeline is excited to work with CATCH My Breath to continue spreading valuable information to even more communities.

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