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June 27, 2022  | By CATCH Global Foundation

Stephanie Huang is a senior at DeBakey High School for Health Professions. She is passionate about preventative healthcare; she began advocating against tobacco and vaping after joining the Baylor College of Medicine Cancer Advisory Prevention Council. In this council, she works with medical students and physicians at the Texas Medical Center to campaign against actions like smoking and vaping. In addition, she also works with the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids which urges policymakers to take action to protect youth from tobacco. She hopes to become an oncologist and is excited to work with CATCH My Breath to continue teaching the community about the dangers and increased risks of COVID-19 complications among vape users. Apart from the time she spends working in anti-vaping, she organizes blood drives for the American Red Cross, volunteers at the DeBakey VA and Health Museum, and leads Minds Matter, an organization that creates awareness about mental wellness.

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