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Eric is an interaction designer, service designer, and strategist focused on designing and delivering high quality digital experiences. Currently he is a Product Lead at Thinktiv, Inc., an innovation firm in downtown Austin, TX,  where he leads design projects in a variety of industry verticals including finance and healthcare.  Prior to Thinktiv, Eric was a senior designer at Blackboard, where he designed a predictive analytics offering, combining mobile engagement, and video conferencing for advisors to reach and support students at-risk of failing in college. Eric also led product design for Bb Student, a student mobile offering that more than 1M students have downloaded to help them with their studies.

Eric is excited to support CATCH in its efforts to unite communities through school health and wellness initiatives. Long term, the digital experience that CATCH builds for teachers, students, and parents can be designed to increase health literacy and drive behavior change. Today, CATCH teachers’ ability to quickly access materials and lesson plans affects adoption and ultimately, the quality of in-school CATCH programs.  Eric will focus his advisory efforts on defining, simplifying, and enhancing those digital experiences through