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CATCH Health Ed Journeys K-8 Health Education


About the Health Education Program

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Health Ed Journeys is CATCH Global Foundation’s comprehensive K-8 health education curriculum. Covering national and state-level health standards, Health Ed Journeys offers an upgrade to CATCH’s classic evidence-based health program, which is backed by over 120 peer-reviewed scientific articles.

Health Ed Journeys provides a 36-week scope and sequence for health education in schools, spanning the following topics:

  • Foundational Health Literacy
  • Nutrition & Physical Activity
  • Physical Health & Hygiene
  • Mental Health
  • Substance Misuse Prevention
  • Injury & Violence Prevention & Safety

Health Ed Journeys lessons are designed to offer easy and flexible implementation for teachers in various contexts and environments. The health education program can be used on its own or in combination with other CATCH programs including PE Journeys, SEL Journeys and the CATCH Whole Child Coordination Kit. Our curriculum map provides an overview of how all of our CATCH programs fit together.

Curriculum Map


Health Education in SchoolsWhat’s Included:

  • Flexible lessons that can be delivered all in one class period, or broken into shorter segments over multiple days.
  • Student-facing content that can be integrated into any standard LMS.
  • Clean and clear lesson overview = easy and quick prep for teachers.
  • Standards-aligned lesson objectives.
  • Guiding questions to promote critical thinking.
  • Active & Varied Lesson Activities: Most lessons include one activity that involves physical movement and one that involves completing a worksheet or game.
  • Interactive reflection & formative assessment at the end of each lesson.
  • MVP Challenge: Optional extension activity provided with each lesson.
  • Grade Level Differentiation: Provides key focus areas for grade-level differentiation and concept mastery.
  • Presentation Slides: Teacher-led lesson visuals with slide-by-slide script in speaker notes.
  • My Health Journey Digital Workbook (with option to print): Students use this resource to set and check-in on goals, complete worksheet activities, and track their progress through the year.
  • Summative Assessment: Each unit concludes with a “My Health Journey” summative assessment lesson. This lesson is intended for students to work on their My Health Journey workbook and/or complete the unit test.
  • Options to break out activities for use in stations or blended learning environments.

View CATCH Health and PE Adoption Rubric

Family Engagement

Health Education for Kids

Schools and youth-serving organizations are invited to share important health information with families by inviting them to watch and participate in “Are You an MVP?” — an interactive gameshow and contest. This unique video series provides an easy-to-share activity for families to do together, along with creative health challenges that they can complete for chances to win cash prizes for both themselves and your school!

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Scope, Sequence & Standards Alignment

Each Health Ed Journeys lesson can be taught in a single 20-30 minute session, or broken into “bite-size pieces” of 5-7 minutes each. Each lesson has 4 main pieces, plus an MVP Challenge extension activity. There are a total of 36 age-differentiated lessons, and it is recommended to follow the sequence in which they are presented, however, units may also be reordered to suit individual needs.

Health Ed Journeys currently offers alignments for the National Health Standards, and TEKS (Texas state standards). Additional state alignments are coming soon – contact our team if you have a special need or request for state alignment info.

K-2 Lesson Overview & Health Standard Alignments
3-5 Lesson Overview & Health Standard Alignments
6-8 Lesson Overview & Health Standard Alignments
SEL Alignment: Health Ed Journeys mapped to CASEL Core Competencies
Tucker’s Law Crosswalk (Texas | Grades 6-8)
SB-224 Mental Health Education (CALIFORNIA ⏐GRADES 7-8)

Easy for Teachers

With ready-made materials designed for quick prep and flexible implementation, Health Ed Journeys makes it easy to integrate health education into a variety of learning contexts.


Fun for Students

Interactive visual content and movement-based activities make learning about health active and fun for students with diverse backgrounds, needs, and learning styles.

Inclusive for All

Health is a universal topic and lifelong journey. Classrooms grow together by exploring both personal and community health topics through shared learning experiences. By taking the journey together, students build trust and deepen relationships with one another and the trusted adults in their lives.


Training Options

CATCH Training is an integral part of a successful CATCH program. Beyond being educational and informative, this hands-on training is fun and encourages communication and teamwork!

Learn more about our Health Ed Trainings