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Our Purpose

Elevate Health for Good


CATCH Global Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity founded in 2014, in partnership and with support from the University of Texas Health Science Center (UTHealth) and MD Anderson Cancer Center, to increase the availability and adoption of evidence-based health programs. Since our inception we’ve tripled the annual reach of CATCH health programs from 1 million to 3 million youth by making our health programs easier to use, aligned to local health and educational needs and standards, and – most importantly – fun! We focus on improving health in under-resourced communities to address health equity where the disparities are greatest.

We also take every opportunity to talk with key decision makers about the interdependence of physical and mental health on student academic and life outcomes, to inspire them to take action. Our founder and CEO even wrote a book about it that asks a simple question: When Are We Going to Teach Health?

Our Mission

We empower school communities to cultivate Whole Child wellness as a lever for student success and social equity.

Communities come under the CATCH umbrella in many different and collaborative ways. We have issue-specific programs that are available at no cost thanks to national sponsors, such as:

In some cases, local funders support training and implementation efforts, for example:

Other communities directly purchase programs or services from the Foundation – sometimes with state or federal funds, like SNAP Ed – which are available at a low cost thanks to our mission-focused bottomline, cost-effective delivery methods, and the support of our donors.

No matter how a community comes into the CATCH family, we know our outcomes-driven approach will make an impact because our programs and methodology have been proven effective through peer-reviewed scientific evaluation and real-world experience.


Our Vision

Schools embrace health as an enduring value.


The communities where CATCH has the most impact are those that fully embrace and own the idea that health is fundamental. They devote the appropriate energy and resources toward improving student health because they know of its direct impact on all aspects of educational success: test scores, attendance, behavioral issues, attention/focus, graduation rates, and even happiness.

We’ve developed a one-of-a-kind playbook called the CATCH Coordination Kit that has helped countless schools organize wellness teams and create a learning environment that teaches, supports, and reinforces healthy choices everyday. Schools that embrace health make their stance clear the moment you walk through the door.

  • You see CATCH in bulletin boards in the halls, signage promoting nutritious food choices in the cafeteria, and even on the shirts teachers wear.
  • You hear CATCH in morning announcements, as adults reinforce students’ healthy choices, and even in videos posted to social media.
  • You experience the knowledge and skill building as they do CATCH; teaching health lessons in the classroom, getting kids moving and having fun during P.E., and building social and emotional skills through role-playing and cultural exploration.
  • You see the community come together and engage with CATCH in family engagement activities designed to celebrate whole child health.

Schools that follow CATCH’s approach to Whole Child wellness can trust that they will create meaningful and sustainable change that will elevate health for good.

Our Values

Collaboration, Outcomes-Driven, Make Health Fun(damental), Equity, and Trust (COMET)

Our core values guide our overall strategy and are woven into everything we do at CATCH. They’re listed below but you’ll also notice they’re integrated above.

We see community partnerships as essential for the implementation and sustainability of our programs. We bring together diverse perspectives, experiences, and skill-sets to work toward common goals.

We view the community impact of our programs through scientific and anecdotal lenses. We actively develop, implement, and monitor our mission-aligned goals, celebrating success along the way.

We know through experience that if health “ain’t fun, it don’t get done.” We embrace the positive impact that good physical and mental health can have on our lives and our work, and place personal and family health first.

We focus on serving under-resourced communities because good health is foundational to personal and societal progress. We place kids on a path to lifelong wellness and, in doing so, put society on a trajectory toward greater equity where all community members can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.

We hold that trust is built upon transparency, honesty, and dependability. We encourage open dialogues, stand by our commitments, and can be counted on to deliver.


Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

CATCH Works by Including Everyone


CATCH Global Foundation strives to foster diversity, equity and inclusion, both internally and externally, on our journey to elevate Whole Child Wellness in the PreK-12 education system. CATCH commits to working in partnership with communities experiencing disparities in health outcomes as a result of historic and systemic inequities, and we will not stop until educators everywhere have the resources and support they need to prioritize evidence-based health programs and practices so that every child can thrive.

Building a team that represents the diversity of our partner communities is essential to co-creating programs that are effective, relevant, inclusive, and sustainable. Recognizing that internal practices drive external impact, CATCH prioritizes ongoing dialogue and professional learning as we intentionally take steps to cultivate trust, accountability, joy, and fun.

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