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Family Engagement:
As part of CATCH Health Ed Journeys Sponsored by The CATCH MVP Game Show Fosters Family Fun & Learning!

The CATCH MVP Game Show is a great resource for educators to help motivate their students and families to learn and practice healthy behaviors together. As an educator, you play an important role in the lives of your students and we know through your encouragement, families will become inspired to continue their child’s learning outside of the classroom.

We offer four game show episodes that are interactive and fun, and are also available in Spanish. Episodes focus on important topics such as healthy eating, mental well-being, and safety.

How It Works

First, families learn about healthy habits together by watching the CATCH MVP Game Show episodes. Share links to each episode with your families and school community and encourage them to participate.

“What Is a CATCH MVP?”
“Let’s Hear It for Healthy Eating!”
“Nourishing Your Mind-Heart-Body”
“Staying Safe”

Then, families practice what they have learned by completing the fun MVP challenges after each episode. Alternatively, you can plan a family event or campaign to encourage and celebrate being healthy together.

Bonus, make it even more fun and exciting by adding a little friendly competition.

  • Invite families to share with you through social media, email, or other ways and offer a prize or reward. Idea: Classroom with the most participating families earns positive recognition or a special privilege like extra recess time.
  • Be recognized by CATCH as a MVP school! Share about families in your school community who are Moving and staying active, Valuing healthy eating, and Practicing healthy habits with CATCH here or by posting on social media and tagging us on Facebook or Instagram using #CATCHMVP.

Episodes for MVP Family Challenge

Each episode includes bonus material and a final challenge to complete.

Episode 1

“What is a CATCH MVP?”

Tune in for the first episode to learn about healthy habits while competing against the Health Ed Journeys kids.

Final Challenge: How Do You MVP?

Take pictures or videos of your family doing some MVP activities and share with your child’s PE or health teacher.

  • Move and staying active
  • Value Healthy Eating & Mindsets
  • Practice Healthy Habits & Social-Emotional Wellness

Bonus Material




Episode 2

“Let’s Hear It for Healthy Eating!”

Join the fun on Episode 2 to learn about healthy eating and the wonderful world of GO foods.

Final Challenge

Share positive messages about healthy eating in your own way. Here are some ideas:

  • Make up a song, commercial, or TikTok about your favorite GO foods
  • Make a cooking video or TikTok showing how you prepare a healthy recipe
  • Take photos or videos of you and your family enjoying GO foods

Bonus Material




Episode 3

“Nourishing Your MIND-HEART-BODY”

Tune into Episode 3 to learn about brain development, self-care, and supporting others.

Final Challenge: Take Action on Mental Health

Do something to practice self-care or offer emotional support to a friend or family member. Here are some ideas:

  • Make a gratitude list
  • Take a nature walk and document with photos
  • Spend time with family and take a photo or video to document

Bonus Material




Episode 4

Staying Safe

Feeling safe is a basic human need, and there is no stronger parental instinct than the one to protect your child. This episode makes it easier for families to talk about hard topics such as avoiding danger and risky behaviors, online safety and bullying, emergency preparedness and more.

Final Challenge: Make a Family Safety Plan

  • Use our template to make a family safety plan or design your own. FAMILY SAFETY PLAN TEMPLATE (pdf)
  • Take a photo of your plan or make a video to share your #1 family safety idea. 

Bonus Material




Check Out our 2022-2023 MVP Family Challenge Winners!

CATCH Healthy Families Award

CATCH Healthy Schools Award

boy fishing
girl on bike

Challenge Category #3
Take Action on Mental Health

Entry from James Bowie Elementary, Goose Creek ISD

Challenge Category #1
Show Us How You MVP

Entry from Highlands Elementary, Goose Creek ISD