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December 27, 2023

The journey of Hannah Smith, a physical education and wellness leader at Three-Way ISD in Erath County, Texas

“Don’t forget your why! Why, you became an educator. Why, you enjoy your field of choice so much. We are always evolving, and the world is an interesting place. Remember, YOU are there for a reason.”

-Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith’s journey to becoming an educator has been a beautiful winding road shaped by moments of deeply listening to her passion and fearlessly pursuing it. Despite her initial pull towards education early in life, Hannah chose to navigate the path of public relations upon her completion of a bachelor’s degree in communications.

Amidst the demands of her 9 to 5 routine, Hannah’s once ideal job began to lose its luster. Sensing the need for change, she embarked on a personal journey focused on her health. The next six to seven years of her life became a transformative chapter.

Hannah’s love for fitness transcended beyond an interest – it evolved into a lifestyle that not only enhanced her physical health, but also nurtured her emotional and mental well-being. She owned this lifestyle and transitioned into a role as a personal trainer with Camp Gladiator, where she held training sessions in close proximity to an elementary school. Here, Hannah found herself cultivating an inclusive space where teachers and school staff, regardless of their fitness levels, could feel empowered and supported. This felt fulfilling.

During these sessions, an unexpected opportunity arose as the school’s principal, who was actively engaged in Hannah’s fitness camps, recognized her dedication and passion. The principal offered Hannah an opportunity to join their school staff as the head coach for girls’ athletics. Hannah accepted, and over time, her role has expanded beyond coaching. She is now a physical education teacher at Three-Way ISD, deeply invested in fostering a culture of health and well-being at her school.

Hannah is driven by the idea that teaching youth about health early in life can shape their futures. She explains, “If we are not given proper education of health and well-being then we may become stressed out adults seeking refuge in harmful things.”

Hannah’s proactive nature continued to shine as this past school year she sought out resources to enhance her approach to teaching physical education. Motivated by existing programs that support educators in teaching core subjects, such as math and science, she dove into research and discovered CATCH PE Journeys.

Hannah shares, “The simplicity of the lessons and format was what got me. PE is a classroom as well and the fact that someone took the time to help build classroom management and format lesson ideas is just amazing.”

This school year, Hannah has blossomed into her first year of using CATCH in her classroom and is brimming with excitement about the opportunities it presents to foster a school culture where health and well-being serve as the catalyst for student success. Despite change within her school’s leadership and staff, Hannah stands as a pillar. Her dedication is a unifying force rallying the school community around a shared commitment toward fostering a culture where the foundations of health and well-being pave the way for every student’s bright future.

As Hannah continues her journey, she leaves us with words of inspiration. Please enjoy below and visit us on social media for more inspiring sentiments and stories to support you through your own journey.

To learn more and preview CATCH PE Journeys, our evidence-based physical education curriculum, please visit our CATCH PE Journeys page.
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