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January 12, 2024

We are proud to be a trusted resource to educators across the globe who are committed toward improving their craft and being positive role models to youth. With the new year in effect, we have expanded our range of in-person and virtual professional development trainings to support you and your colleagues with emerging best practices. Such added professional development trainings include advanced physical education strategies, making the most of recess, and helping food service teams promote healthy eating choices.

Not only are we experts in a wide-range of specialized subject areas, but our professional development trainings are also fun and will get your team excited to build a culture of health and wellness for students. Plus, additional perks are provided after completion to further support your growth — the learning doesn’t stop!

Explore Professional Development

Districts with unspent ESSER funds may be able to direct them toward our professional development trainings and curriculum, subject to district approval. To view our Pre-K – 12 curriculum offerings for additional new year planning, please visit our pricing guide.