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January 5, 2024

Amanda Langseder’s journey with CATCH My Breath

Amanda Langseder, Managing Director at Sullivan 180 in Sullivan County, New York, embodies a powerful personal mission to lead the way in transforming her community’s health outcomes.

Her pivotal role with Sullivan 180, a nonprofit dedicated to building a healthy community, has driven initiatives aimed at youth empowerment and education with the most recent effort being the implementation of the CATCH My Breath program. Amanda brings our youth vaping prevention program to life to meet her community’s needs. With experience teaching both in school and out-of-school time settings, Amanda has fostered relationships with school resource officers and nurses, and community organizations to empower youth to make informed choices and live vape-free.

Amanda filmed a video sharing her personal story and motivation along with her experience in teaching CATCH My Breath – listen, learn, and be inspired.