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September 2, 2014

CATCH continues its exciting partnership with Cartoon Network this month as the Move It Movement Tour rages on.

Peter with some Cartoon Network stars, Finn and Jake from Adventure Time!
One of our visitors participating in the NFL Challenge

The Move It Movement tour came by our Austin offices, and we were so excited to see all of the amazing resources they have available to children and families! We caught up with the tour at the Dell Diamond, where partners including Subway and the NFL join with Cartoon Network and CATCH to get kids playing, drinking water, and eating right.

CATCH’s Project Director and newfound sports-superstar, Peter Cribb, threw the first pitch at the Round Rock Express minor league game on Tuesday, August 5. “It was a thrill!” Peter says of the experience. “It was a lot of pressure, let me tell you. Those pitchers on the mound are under a lot of pressure. If you ever get the opportunity, just don’t throw it in the dirt like I did!” We’re pretty sure Peter’s just being modest; we were all impressed as Peter gave new meaning to the term “off-speed pitch.”

Peter with one of the many amazing families we saw

CATCH is incredibly proud to be acknowledged as a piece of the puzzle when it comes to improving children’s health. One of the most exciting aspects of the Move It Movement tour, Peter pointed out, is that parents and children come through the activities together. Both parents and children get the same message about making healthy choices, enhancing the strength of the message and bolstering the community decision making that we find key to improving child health.

To find out when the Move It Movement tour is coming to a city near here, click here!