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December 18, 2017

The CATCH® Awards for Excellence in Health (CATCH Awards) are a new national distinction to be given annually in recognition of exemplary efforts to promote and support health and wellness locally through the CATCH Program. In addition to providing well-deserved recognition, the CATCH Awards are intended to provide a platform to spotlight local achievements that may serve as models for success across the nation. The CATCH Awards are presented by CATCH Global Foundation and FlagHouse, Inc.

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2017 CATCH Award Winners
CATCH Award Criteria
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The inaugural 2017 CATCH Award winners are…

CATCH® Award for
Excellence in Community Health


Providence St. Patrick Hospital has guided implementation of CATCH in 10 school districts and 4 early childhood and after school sites. Program evaluations have shown a 20 percent increase in student activity during P.E. classes and a 31 percent increase in knowledge about how to eat a healthy diet. Hundreds of kids and parents receive healthy messages through community events like the annual CATCH Health Fair. Providence St. Patrick Hospital has also been able to convene partners to support these health efforts, including the Missoula City-County Health Department, Missoula Food Bank, Missoula Parks & Recreation, and Missoula County Schools.
(See a CATCH case study here.)


CATCH® Award for
Excellence in Regional Health

Illinois CATCH onto Health! Consortium
(Illinois Delta Region)

The Illinois CATCH onto Health! Consortium has been focused on improving kids’ health in the Illinois Delta for 9 years. By bringing CATCH to more than 80 schools in the region, the ICHC impacts the lives of 20,000 children each year. ICHC has been able to do this through collaborations with partners including, Southern Illinois Healthcare, Egyptian Health Department, and the Southern Seven Health Department. Thanks to the ICHC’s efforts, schools in the Illinois Delta are now delivering higher quality physical education, with more than 55% of PE class time spent in moderate or vigorous physical activity (MVPA). Food service staff have received advanced training to improve the school food environment and provide healthier options in the cafeteria. And, schools are getting healthy messages into kids’ homes, directly reaching more than 5,000 parents and students through events like Family Fun Nights. (View a CATCH webinar about ICHC here.)


CATCH® Award for
Excellence in State Health:

Healthy U* (New Jersey)

*A partnership between the Horizon Foundation for New Jersey and the New Jersey YMCA State Alliance and its 37 Member Associations

CATCH users since 2008, Healthy U efforts have included nutrition education and increased physical activity in schools and YMCA childcare settings, advocating for policies that support healthy environments, and convening partners across the state to create a positive collective health impact. Because of the many initiatives made possible by Healthy U, New Jersey kids and families report that they are eating more fruits and vegetables, and consuming fewer processed and sugary foods. They are spending more time being physically active, and less time in front of screens. And as a testament to the impact of Healthy U on overall culture and norms, New Jerseyans are showing improved family attitudes around health and wellness.
(See a CATCH case study here.)


CATCH Award Criteria

The CATCH Award winners have distinguished themselves among the more than 10,000 CATCH sites across the United States through:

  • Positive, demonstrable health impacts among those they serve;
  • Exceptionally high standards for fidelity of program implementation; and,
  • Continued dedication to sustain programmatic efforts across multiple years.

CATCH Award Categories

The CATCH Awards are given in three categories, based on geographic footprint and scope of work with CATCH:

  • Community: delivers CATCH programming directly to local children and families.
  • Regional: oversees CATCH program delivery across multiple communities within an expanded geographic area.
  • State: coordinates CATCH implementation with multiple partner organizations to serve large and diverse populations across an entire state.

CATCH Award Prize

In recognition of their service, each of the CATCH Award winners will get to select a new school or site to receive a scholarship to implement the CATCH Program. This may include free training, curriculum, materials, and technical support. The winners will also receive the “CATCH GO Bowl” trophy, which we hope our award winners will keep in a visible location and perhaps even stocked with fresh fruit or another “GO” food!

More information about the inaugural awardees and their achievements will be posted soon on the CATCH website and social media platforms.