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March 20, 2020

As a public health organization at our core, CATCH Global Foundation’s work has always centered on improving the overall health and wellbeing of our society. During the Coronavirus pandemic, we are all seeking ways to support one another as we adapt to new normals, such as social distancing and long-term school closures. Our expertise lies in school health & physical education, so that’s where we’ve chosen to focus our organization’s efforts during this global crisis.

Our plan is two-fold: 1) Re-tool our existing evidence-based resources to adapt to at-home settings; and 2) Develop new supplemental materials to assist with implementation of health programs during this crisis.

We are happy to be able to offer these resources for free to the public at this time. However, as a nonprofit, we do rely on the support of our friends and partners. If you are able to make a suggested donation of $10 to support Health at Home and the addition of future resources, it would be much appreciated.

Current Resources and Materials (click for details):

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This page will continue to be updated regularly as we re-tool and develop CATCH content.


CATCH Health at Home

To help all our families, we’ve set up a Google Classroom to provide you with free and easy access to several of CATCH’s evidence-based health, nutrition, and physical education materials. These activities require limited space and supervision, and are organized into three sections: Physical Activities, Activity Breaks and Family Health and Nutrition.

We are very proud of our amazing team for having quickly developed and launched this new CATCH Health at Home resource. Within the first two days, we had over 1,000 parents and teachers sign-up for the Google Classroom, requiring us to quickly develop “overflow” classrooms to handle the traffic. You can support this much needed resource and help us meet demand with a donation–every dollar counts!

Instructions and the latest classroom codes are available by clicking the button below.

Go to CATCH Health at Home

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CATCH My Breath and COVID-19

We are following the COVID-19 updates closely and working diligently to keep CATCH My Breath, our evidence-based nicotine vaping prevention resources, accessible to youth and educators, particularly in light of  the recent attention on vaping and the increased risk of severe respiratory complications from COVID-19.

To address this timely topic, we plan to develop a new addendum to the CATCH My Breath Program called, “Vaping & Infectious Disease: Making a Bad Situation Worse”. The addendum will include multimedia resources and a pre-packaged presentation on vaping and disease prevention that will be accessible to youth, educators, and parents, and it will be offered for free alongside the existing CATCH My Breath program.

We are currently seeking funding partners to help us bring this timely and needed new content on vaping and disease prevention to the public. We appreciate any/all individual support via our donation page, and welcome any interested sponsors to contact us at [email protected].

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