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March 22, 2018 , 3:30 PM CST


To drive home the healthy messages and behaviors taught at school, it’s important to get parents involved. A Family Fun Event is an opportunity for your school and local community organizations to host a free, fun, and healthy celebration for students and their family members, as well as faculty and staff.

In this webinar we will hear about planning and executing successful events from a variety of perspectives. Scott Power will talk about his experience organizing family fun nights as a P.E. teacher and CATCH Champion at Schmalz Elementary School. As part of the Stronger Austin team at IT’S TIME TEXAS, Hilary Kotrla will provide the perspective of a third party community health organization that provides services and resources to schools seeking support with everything from planning to implementation. Joey Walker from CATCH Global Foundation will walk through some of the basics and best practices included in our new (free) Family Fun Event Guide on


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