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May 23, 2023

We are excited to announce the official launch of CATCH Kenya, an initiative to bring CATCH’s evidence-based physical education program to Kenyan schools.

In April, CATCH and our local partners at Wellness for Greatness hosted a series of training sessions in Nairobi for close to 100 Kenyan educators and education officials in order to build the capacity of local teachers to implement CATCH P.E. with fidelity.

Aligned to Kenya’s competency-based curriculum and supporting the country’s national priority on child health, CATCH Kenya will provide resources to help learners develop healthy habits related to physical activity and overall wellness.

In addition to CATCH Kenya, our CATCH Healthy Smiles program is making a presence in Honduras schools, CATCH My Breath continues to expand its reach in Canada, and we are also working on the launch of a pilot program in India! Contact us for more information on CATCH program implementation in your international or U.S.-based school.