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January 12, 2024

Substance misuse is on the rise among youth and the effects are very detrimental to their well-being. States such as Texas, California, and Oregon have succeeded to legally mandate fentanyl awareness education in schools. To help address this important issue, we created a theory-based fentanyl substance misuse lesson for grades 6-8 in collaboration with our research partners at the UTHealth Houston School of Public Health.

This resource is part of our substance misuse unit in Health Ed Journeys, our comprehensive K-8 curriculum that also includes safety topics such as suicide prevention and other drug education. Health Ed Journeys supports requirements for Tucker’s Law, which went into effect in Texas. Learn more about Health Ed Journeys and receive a free curriculum preview.

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Our 30-45 minute fentanyl substance misuse lesson for middle schools may also be developmentally appropriate for grades 9-12, at your school district’s review and discretion.