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Dr. Melissa Sadorf currently serves as the Superintendent of the Stanfield Elementary School District. An educator at all levels for over three decades, Dr. Sadorf brings considerable expertise in leadership and teacher preparation, policy development and advocacy, and education in a variety of educational settings. Her commitment to giving back to the teaching profession has opened opportunities to mentor educators in both rural and urban settings, ensuring they gain the skills and background knowledge to hone their leadership. She serves as Part Time Faculty for Northern Arizona University and Central Arizona College in a variety of courses concentrated on teacher preparation and educational leadership. In the past decade, Dr. Sadorf has focused on advocating for rural education and rural leaders. In that venue, she is involved with local, state and regional organizations to help raise awareness on the unique challenges that rural educators face. She has served on a variety of Boards and Committees including the Arizona Health Improvement Plan Steering Committee, the Rural Library Network Community Advisory Board, and the Western Educational Equity Assistance Center. She hosts a podcast that explores rural issues and also holds monthly superintendent virtual round tables to ensure rural voices are being heard. Dr. Sadorf serves as the President Elect of the National Rural Education Association and the President of the Arizona Rural Schools Association. She also is the Executive Director for two organizations: Northern Arizona University’s Rural Resource Center and the Arizona ASCD Affiliate.